SPIEDKIKS  "Watch Ur Behavior"  feat. Mr. Goodbar


SPIEDKIKS, the no. 1 music source in former years for great image- and corporationfilms about virtual reality, marketing and gaming by blendwerk.tv and kim soma received a video of their own style in return for SPIEDKIKS efforts contributing sounds to the daily business. The mix from images and cuts is as wideranged as their music. Coming basically from the oldschool of hiphop and breakbeats the video-makers decided to create their own interpretation of this very danceable and easylistening kind of track. From the heart of Berlin, where poledance and neoburlesque is part of the night culture for decades besides techno and electronic music performed by Agata L., Becky* and Yara Mar styled by Christiane Buchholz filmed by Ralf H. Schlotter, from Louisville / Kentucky where Rap is a culture of surviving filmed on locations by Andrew Kim, from the heights of Stuttgart where the Mercedes Benz has industrialized the region and changed the face of motorized passion filmed by Steffen Troeger comes all this visual content tracked by a truly avantgarde music presentation through SPIED and KIK. KIM SOMA, STEFFEN TROEGER and young video director ANDREW KIM made up their minds and created the visual wrap for WATCH YOUR BEHAVIOUR feat. MR.GOODBAR. Directed and edited by KIM SOMA the whole thing gets the kick and tries to unfocus general stereotypes in popular hiphop music. Thanks to DAT BOI DUNN and all the great performers taking part in this work.


STYLING GIRLS: http://www.christiane-buchholz.com/
POLEDANCE: http://schoenheitstanz.de/
FILMPRODUCTION: http://www.blendwerk.tv/wp/


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