SPIEDKIKS - Take Off Your Make Up # Link

Comment: Spiedkiks is a German duo whose influences seem to extend beyond their native krautrock tradition which is also represented on this 7-track issue though in a lesser extent. In the opening track Ear Conflict On Main Street the listener could recognize Kraftwerk-ian slightly buried vocalizations stranded in the midst of a funky mayhem (by its accents and timbre resembling Computer World in the first place). By going on, lots of rhythms of slightly different kind would be added to the melting pot by getting inspiration from the vocal-based plunderphonic aesthetic and 80s/90s acid techno and big beat and hip-hop spawned energy. The mix is spiced up with upbeat guitar hooks and hirsute riffs. The duo has set up their pace very firmly to arouse sentiments under your hat and activating the listener`s dance inclined synapses at your extremities. There is also a fabulously spacey tech-house remix by Dominik Berlin. The finishing track Kitchen Suite is a frantic, 13-minute long blend for the afterparty including more calmed down, classical music sections and cinematic funk explorations being juxtaposed next to acidic robot funk, enthrallingly nervous hip-hop scratches and drum and bass/jungle based rhythmic obsessions. Eventually it can be said it is time to pick up this issue and the follow-up Little Smartphone People to your music drawer. It is definitely worth any of its moments.